phpbb hackathon

Posted by Deaks on July 14, 2013, 10:45:09 AM

For the last few days our friends at phpBB have been having a hackathon 4days all locked in a room to code, so to brighten them up today on the last days we decided to send them a wee present:

The note says "Love from the SMF Team! Because you need it after the days of hard work and all the fun with the SMF Team! "

While we are in the same market there is nothing that says we cant be nice to each other, and over the last few days both teams have been talking more in our public chat and we hope that this can lead to a fruitful friendship between 2 open source softwares (dont worry folk we not merging)!


Mick. on July 14, 2013, 01:49:14 PM said
The teddy bear looks angry.
ARG01 on July 14, 2013, 01:53:56 PM said
I know it was a friendly gesture but the teddy should be wearing an SMF t-shirt.  :D
Deaks on July 14, 2013, 01:56:11 PM said
teddy is not from us, just the flowers, teddy is ted their mascot, like earl is ours!
ARG01 on July 14, 2013, 02:17:12 PM said
Deaks on July 14, 2013, 02:23:59 PM said

Yeh Earl our Mascot!
ARG01 on July 14, 2013, 02:31:35 PM said

Yeh Earl our Mascot!

I see...........................well, sort of.  :D
Gary on July 14, 2013, 03:15:31 PM said
We need Plushie Earls, stat! :P

For the record their mascot is named Bertie.
4Kstore on July 15, 2013, 01:31:58 AM said
I love bertie the bear :D
Is a fantastic gesture from smf people... congrats!
Colin on July 15, 2013, 02:07:49 AM said
Hehe. It went over quite nicely.
Realinfo on July 15, 2013, 06:38:26 AM said
when SMF going to 3.0?
Gary on July 15, 2013, 06:41:19 AM said
After 2.1...
ARG01 on July 15, 2013, 09:51:01 AM said
when SMF going to 3.0?

After 2.1...

And I imagine many in between.
azumikittyth on December 16, 2013, 12:20:31 PM said
when SMF going to 3.0?
I am waiting too.
Arantor on December 16, 2013, 12:21:06 PM said
And if you read the blog you'd see we're doing 2.1 in the meantime with lots of cool stuff.