Changes of note since SMF 2.0 RC3

May 20, 2011, 08:24:18 AM Posted by [SiNaN] on May 20, 2011, 08:24:18 AM in Changes of note since SMF 2.0 RC3 | 7 Comments
Hello everyone,

While we are finalizing our preparations for the SMF 2.0 final release, having found some free time to cool my head off, I thought I would deal with another thing which I have been planning to do for months: making a post noting the important changes since RC3.

Yep. This is a long long delayed post noting the important changes made to SMF 2.0, which mostly affects modification authors, as well as the regular forum administrators, since SMF 2.0 RC3 version. If you are looking for a status update on SMF 2.0 development, check out my last blog post, if you haven't done yet.

Package database functions forced UNSIGNED attribute for numeric fields
  • Package database functions did not respect the field attributes and was forcing UNSIGNED attribute for every numeric field added or edited.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9843)

    Membergroup changes through profile were not being logged
  • SMF 2.0 allows admins to track member profile changes if respective Core Feature is enabled. However, it did not log member group changes. Now it'll log both primary and additional group changes properly.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9859)

    Always allow personal messages from self
  • Members could not send personal messages to themselves when they only allowed personal messages from Administrators and/or buddies. The fix makes sure members can send personal messages to themselves regardless of their personal message ignore settings.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9861)

    Table creation did not return success or failure
  • Using package database functions, if you had an incorrect table definition, the table was not created but there were no errors given either. The error is now displayed and logged.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9883)

    Guests reporting posts did not log e-mail and IP, and did not support visual verification
  • E-mail and IP addresses was not logged and it was not possible require visual verification while guests were reporting posts, which made moderation impossible. E-mail and IP addresses are now logged and it's possible to require visual verification for guest post reporting.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9886)

    addMembersToGroup behavior for 'auto' mode was not correct
  • addMembersToGroup function 'auto' type assigned membergroup as both primary and additional group when primary group was available. It now assigns membergroup only as primary, when it's available.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9892)

    Configurable extensive security checks for attachments and avatars
  • The extensive security checks introduced with RC3 were resulting in a large number of rejected attachments and other issues with their implementation, therefore they were fixed and turned into multiple options: image re-encoding, set as enabled by default, extensive checks, set to disabled by default, and thumbnails saving as PNG, enabled by default. They can be enabled/disabled from Attachment Settings administration area.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9903)

    create_table function no long updates "update" columns
  • create_table package database function was partially trying to update the existing table definition by updating columns. This partial functionality was removed. So changes to table definitions should be handled by modification authors separately.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9941)

    Upgraded modifications were not uninstalled properly
  • Uninstalling an upgrade now sets all older versions as uninstalled. So upgrade packages should include full uninstall instructions for their uninstall action.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9961)

    It was not possible to pass variables by reference for integration functions
    Static class methods could not be handled properly by integration hooks
    It was not possible to define multiple functions for integration hooks
  • Now it's possible to define multiple functions for integration hooks and static class methods and passed variables are handled properly. Hopefully, there will be another blog post about integration hooks soon. Please refer to the partially updated article on integration hooks in Online Manual until then.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 9984)

    New replies while posting warning now uses last message id
  • SMF used the number of replies to determine whether there were any new replies while posting or not. Since it failed in some cases, now last message id is used.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10060)

    moderate_forum permission allowed managing censored words
  • Members with only moderate_forum permission can no longer access censored words area and only members with admin_forum permission are allowed to manage censored words.
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10130)

    Paid subscriptions test mode
  • An interface for test mode option added in Paid Subscriptions settings area, which puts the paid subscriptions into "test" mode, which will, wherever possible, use sandbox payment methods.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10171)

    Language file cache
  • Language file caching was removed since it did not contribute much to performance and made it difficult to work with them.
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10238)

    Fallback for language strings
  • All language files and strings now "fall back" to their English versions if they don't exist.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10238)

    Protected groups for too powerful groups
  • A new group type, "Protected", was introduced for "too powerful groups" such as groups that can administrate forum. Protected groups can only be modified by Administrator group and member addition and removal to Protected groups can only be carried out by members belonging to Administrator group.
  • Fixed in: RC4 (revision 10239)

    clean_cache only cleaned disk/file cache
  • clean_cache did not work for caching through the use of accelerators. It will now try to invalidate the cache.
  • Fixed in: RC5 (revision 10276)

    News items no longer parse raw HTML
  • It's no longer possible to use raw HTML in news items for security reasons. However, administrators can use  BBC tag to include HTML in news items instead.
  • Fixed in: RC5 (revision 10332)

    SSI.php and guest access
  • SSI.php did not handle guest access correctly for forums having guest access disabled. A new variable named $ssi_guest_access was introduced, which can be defined before SSI.php is included, and when set to false (the default setting) "falls back" to forum setting and when set to true allows guest access to the script regardless.
  • Fixed in: RC5 (revision 10333)

    add_index function and duplicate indexes
  • add_index package database function failed on duplicate indexes. Existing indexes are now handled properly.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC5 (revision 10393)

    Search APIs and search settings
  • Search APIs can now modify search settings by using 'searchSettings' method, which receives the $config_vars array holding the information regarding search settings by reference.
  • Related report:
  • Fixed in: RC5 (revision 10394)


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Quote from: Piosyd on May 24, 2011, 02:58:09 AM
I would like to get more detailed description.

You can download the full changelog at the bottom of the download page.

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