The journey continues

December 02, 2006, 05:49:40 PM Posted by Thantos on December 02, 2006, 05:49:40 PM in The journey continues | 1 Comments
Well the development of SMF 1.1 is now behind us.  This is a cause for great celebration and also the start of a lot of work for our support staff >:D  I hope that you all enjoy using it.  Please take a minute to read through the credits so you may know how many people contributed to us being able to release this piece of software.  Some of those people are still on the team and many others are not, but we should not forget the ones that came before us.

Now as the title suggests, I am not looking at this as the end of anything, but merely a continuation of a journey.  I do not know where that journey will lead me but I am confident that I'll enjoy the trip and the destination, and you all are part of the journey.

Now don't expect the Devs to be resting on our laurels, we have big plans for the next release.  We currently don't have an internal time line for it's beta release.  This is mainly because we have a lot of things left that we want to do before we can even guesstimate a time frame.  Though I hope we'll have a shorter development cycle from 1.1 to the next version then there was from 1.0 to 1.1.

Now I know some of you know what the not-so-secret version name for the next release is.  Thats fine but we just ask that you keep it to yourself.  We aren't going out of our way to keep it secret but we also aren't coming out right away to announce it, at least for the time being.

As for the new features, we aren't going to be putting a list together and posting it, but we will be (and have) dropping hints or letting you all in on a few features from time to time.  Also our Customizers have been taking some (but not all) of the features from the development branch and making them work with the 1.1 branch.  So keep your eyes peeled for them.

The 1.0 branch is now considered obsolete but rest assured that we won't be leaving those customers out in the cold.  We'll continue to provide security patches as needed.  No determination has been made about how long we'll continue to support 1.0 in that manner, but I think we'll keep it up for quite a while.

I thank you all for your continuing support and I hope our journey together will continue to be exicting and fun-filled.


Tristan Perry on December 30, 2006, 06:36:53 PM said
Great blog entry! The SMF DE sounds really good, and some of its most obvious features (:P) seem really cool! Thanks a lot for SMF 1.1, I think you guys should at least take a short break before moving onto coding 1.2! Ah well, congrats on getting 1.1 finished and good luck with all the coding for the upcoming version..